REACH is the All-in-One SaaS for instant customer experience. It allows Banks and Insurance firms to deliver instant digital experiences their customers demand. The platform helps companies instantly collect e-signatures, e-forms, documents & IDs, in either a real-time session or a customer self-service mode. It utilizes the full range of mobile device capabilities to execute all those actions instantly, making business transactions simpler. REACH is an all in one SAAS solution for remote transactions where agents & clients can talk, see, fill out, sign, share, upload, and even verify ID, all from their mobile device with no downloads required. 

Choosing the right partner

“We chose working with More’s team, after they were recommended to us by our account manager at AWS. He mentioned that More is a partner we can trust, who will be there when in times of need and will provide us with professional knowledge. We knew they will help us to cope with a large variety of challenges and still be able to deliver on schedule”. Leon Leviner, CTO at REACH

Choosing AWS

According to Leon, “Besides being the main cloud provider, we chose AWS due to its technological and business maturity and stability and due to its global coverage. Another parameter that was important to us was the reliability and unparalleled service variety – as there are around 200 different services available on AWS currently”.

Migration and cost optimization

This project focused on migrating a complex SAAS platform which utilizes multiple databases, clusters and regions and several third party vendors.

Prior to the project, REACH’s DevOps engineers didn’t have much experience working with the AWS platform. AWS practices had to be integrated In order to find the right solutions and implement these solutions under a tight schedule.

More’s team helped speed up the learning process, build the AWS architecture and performed the initial AWS setup. In addition to the initial setup, More was very helpful in solving AWS DevOps and architecture challenges and questions during the process.

The most important objective was to guide and be involved in Reach’s migration process while enabling the DevOps engineers to take ownership on the AWS environment’s maintenance and scale. Besides this project, More also helped conduct cost optimization process which allowed Reach to significantly cut their expenses. 

The result

With More’s help, the migration process to AWS was smooth and quick. Reach has been operating for almost a year on AWS and are content with the choice of the AWS cloud platform and choosing More as their cloud partner.