WAY2VAT is the only company today providing a fully automated end to end VAT reclaim solution and expense management ecosystem. Their patented and revolutionary artificial intelligence technology and “AIA” (Automated Invoice Analyzer) capabilities enables our one-click to claim solution for invoice capturing and travel report generation. WAY2VAT’s AWS cloud-based solution and big data analytics is available on smartphones and on the web – anytime, anywhere and in any language.

Choosing the right partner

“After looking into several partners we decided to choose working with More’s team, as their main goal was to give us the best solution while focusing on our business needs in reasonable cost. At the same time, we felt that AWS platform helped us to develop and grow in the way we needed.” Nir Fiegelshtein, VP R&D at WAY2VAT

Choosing AWS

“As a growing business, when it comes to choosing the right cloud supplier, our primary concern was to make sure we have the best flexibility and scalability options in a reasonable price. Using AWS tools our Infrastructure can be easily scaled up or down based on demand. In Cloud Security aspect, AWS offers a holistic approach to secure our infrastructure. Their data centers which maintain the highest standards and extensive security support network, makes us feel confident that our data is well secured and protected. With AWS we can reach high-performance and speed for our infrastructure and applications. When every single feature is well documented, development has become convenient and very easy to use while utilizing the AWS platform products. All these features and more, is the main reason that led us to choose AWS over other cloud computing services”.

Cost reduction and security audit

In this project we focused on security audit and cost reduction for WAY2VAT cloud Infrastructure. We performed an architectural check on the AWS project and a drill down analysis of their billing history. We found the places where we could optimize and reduce the cost while making some minor sizing and architectural changes. Since WAY2VAT’s technology serves the financial sector, we had to take into account the security regulative issues, for those WAY2VAT needed specific network architectures and software patch control. We examine the AWS network security system and assist WAY2VAT in the processes of system’s deployment and security updating.

The result

With right-sizing their cloud infrastructure components in AWS, new insights into their AWS environment and a detailed recommendations of possible alternatives, we showed WAY2VAT how they could reduce the AWS cost by 40% and helped them hardened their AWS network security infrastructure to be in line with the regulation policies.