About Fornova 

Fornova provides market intelligence solutions for the online travel and hospitality industries; we are a hospitality business​ intelligence solution provider that has corporate agreements with the majority of the world’s top largest hotel chains, and the biggest global online travel agencies, while also serving hundreds of smaller brands and hotels

Industry: Software & Internet

Primary project location: Israel

About Sela Software Labs Ltd

More (by Sela group) is an international team of Multi-Cloud Experts, delivering the best Multi-Cloud services to its customers and helping them grow.


Start Date: 01.08.2019 | End Date: 01.12.2019

MORE helped the customer migrate AWS workloads running on virtual instances to Kubernetes clusters running in Google Kubernetes Engine on Google Cloud Platform. Migration and Modernization were accomplished in this project. We also automated infrastructure deployment. At the end of this exercise, Fornova benefited from a 30% savings in their cloud spend. 

The challenge

The customer was facing a high cost of running their applications on virtual instances. Since the application was a legacy application, there was a very limited scope for optimization. The challenge was to modernize the application and at the same time bring about cost savings.

The solution

For Fornova, the solution involved refactoring and rehosting on Google Kubernetes Engine. The use of preemptible VMs in Google Kubernetes Engine clusters  helped bring in cost savings. We helped redesign the application for GKE for maximum efficiency. We made sure all the best practices related to security were applied from the start. With inputs from Google Cloud, we implemented a CI/CD pipeline on Jenkins and used Terraform to automate infrastructure deployment. 

Google Cloud Features Used:

Kubernetes EngineCompute EnginePreemptible VMs

The results

  1. 30% cost savings in cloud spend
  2. Application modernization with Google Kubernetes Engine.
  3. Fully automated deployments with jenkins running in Google Kubernetes Engine, improving deployment efficiency by a 100%.

Customer Feedback

“The transition to Google was a strategic initiative for the company to lower infrastructure costs and advance to cutting edge cloud orchestration technologies. We felt that during the transition period we had a solid partner who helped us overcome all the technical and other challenges along the way.”

— Michael Rubanovich, Founder and CTO of Fornova