MMDSmart provides innovative telecommunications services to enterprises around the world who have chosen to deliver their sensitive corporate communications. Our CPaaS platform, MessageWhiz, optimizes delivery, engagement, and conversion. It’s the ideal solution for lead gen, funnel management, and fostering 2- way conversations with customers. 


Industry: Telecommunications

Primary project location: Israel

About Sela Software Labs Ltd

More (by Sela group) is an international team of Multi-Cloud Experts, delivering the best Multi-Cloud services to its customers and helping them grow.


Start Date: 29.09.2019 | End Date: 09.11.2019

AS Google Cloud Partners, MORE Engineers helped MMDSmart with:

1. Designing a suitable architecture on Google Cloud.
2. Planning migration.
3. Implementation of the architecture and performing the migration.
4. Compliance with best practices.

The challenge

The main challenge was efficient scaling and stability of the application while meeting the growing need. Expanding the existing infrastructure was a time-consuming process. The on-prem infrastructure setup saw frequent crashes causing business loss and the system did not have a disaster recovery site and a backup system. Creating a disaster recovery site on another datacenter was expensive and posed latency issues.

The solution

Scaling problems were solved by migrating to GCP and using custom machines for optimum use. Custom auto-calling scripts were used for some VMs. Since the application used an obsolete Debian version, the kernel was compiled locally, a custom image created and used for VMs. An Active-Passive DR site was created, with production sites in EU and DR. Each component was created with built-in redundancy.

Google Cloud Features used:

Google Compute Engine

Custom Machine Types

Identity Aware Proxy

The results

  1. Migration with 0 downtime.
  2. 100% autoscaling at all peak hours.
  3. 0% downtime after migration to Google Cloud Platform 
  4. Disaster Recovery setup

Customer Feedback

“Because of the global volatile nature of our market, we were looking for a stable and robust solution with an international footprint. Partnering with Google enabled us to significantly expand our business providing us with the necessary capacity, coverage, and stability as we pivoted to enterprise CPaaS. Their team is responsive, proactive, and really cares about our business success.”

— Arie Frenklakh, CEO, MMDSmart