About the Client

The Client is a pioneer in the market of customer data protection and hijacking prevention. Their disruptive technology identifies and blocks unauthorized ads injected into consumer web sessions that divert customers to competitor offerings, hurting conversion rates, and damaging brand equity.

Industry: Software & Internet

Primary project location: Israel 

About Sela Software Labs Ltd

More (by Sela group) is an international team of Multi-Cloud Experts, delivering the best Multi-Cloud services to its customers and helping them grow.


Start Date: 12.2019 | End Date: 02.2020

MORE Engineers helped the client with :
1. Designing a suitable 
architecture on Google Cloud-based on multiple GKE clusters.
Migration Planning and implementation.
3. Setting up central monitoring and management.
4. Compliance with best practices.

The challenge

The main challenge for the client was scaling the application while optimizing the cost. Using various auto-scaling mechanisms on previous providers was always an option, however, the cost was a major factor.

The solution

Cost optimization problems were solved by migrating to GCP and using preemptible instances. The various GKE clusters created for the scraping and analysis platform had nodes that used a mix of normal and preemptible VMs. This enabled the solution to auto-scale as well as keep costs under control. Cloud Operations helped centralize logs and monitoring. 

Google Cloud Features Used :



Google Compute Engine


Google Kubernetes Engine

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage

The results

After the solution was implemented, the result was an efficient Kubernetes-based system. Costs decreased by around 50% per month as compared to the previous cloud services provider. The system can scale when needed to handle the increasing load in a very cost-effective way.

“We needed to scale the application while optimizing the cost. Another thing that was important was to ensure consistent performance and management, and smooth migration to virtual machines. By using Google Cloud we knew that anything we build, create, code or store is protected – Google offered the best infrastructure, digital transformation platform and  industry-specific solutions that helped us.”